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When your sewer system is packed with grime and filth, you need help from professionals to get everything cleaned up. Get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at T & J Rooter Service and get the quality main line sewer cleaning and plumbing services you need.

Keep Your Sewers Clean With Our Help

  • Tree roots
  • 6 inch clean outs
  • Main line sewer cleaning
  • High pressure jetting
  • Pipe patch 
  • Clean up
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Choose Us for Reliable Plumbing Services and WARRANTIES

When it comes to plumbing and sewer cleaning, you need someone you can rely on to take care of the job the first time. Contact us today for sump pump and gas leak problems and get a warranty on any of our services, for your peace of mind.

Basement Flooding Grant Program

The Basement Flooding Grant Program assists property owners in the purchase and installation of corrective measures to prevent basement flooding caused by sewer backups from overloaded city sanitary sewers. 

If you're unsure of the cause of a basement flood, the program literature and program staff can usually rely on the details of how the flood occurred to help diagnose overloaded sewers or other problems. The grant program does not assist with other problems, such as needing to have your sewer cleaned or repaired between the house and the city sewer. 

If you're currently experiencing or have recently experienced a basement flood, here are some quick pointers about this program.
  • If you believe your basement flood is or was from a sewer backup, report it to the sewer dispatcher at 419-936-2924 immediately.
  • Water coming in around the walls is not part of this program. The grant program protects from future flooding coming up your basement sewer drain. 
  • If your basement is currently wet, do not look to this program for immediate relief. Do review all information to determine if this can help you for the future.
  • A recent basement flood indicates the risk of a near future recurrence while the ground remains saturated and sewer systems are still draining excess water.
  • Consider all options for immediate protection. The information available on this page can help you understand what is happening so you can decide to use temporary measures to plug or restrict the flooding together with pumping of excess water.
  • The grant program is active and there is some backlog. Applications are currently being processed with about a 2 month turn around.

Basement Flooding Grant applications and additional program information is available by viewing or downloading the links below. We're also happy to help you through the process.
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